Sing City

Directed by Laura Lang

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Downtown Vancouver, BC

COVID-19 Update

Due to the ongoing outbreak of COVID-19 across the world and the ensuing pandemic, we along with all other choirs, have had to take a break until it’s safe for us to sing together again.

Until COVID-19 is under control we are finding other ways to sing and have fun together!


Will be starting soon. Please contact us if you’d like to be added to the list for further announcements.


Virtual private voice lessons and cabarets (where you get to sing your song!) are now offered at a reduced price, so if you’d like to take this time to improve your singing, now’s the time! ( Once you’ve learned your song you’ll get a chance to perform it for other students only, and they will do the same..., so a safe zone!


We will start our new season whenever we’re given the green light, which normally would be September 2020 or could be any month after that! We’ll start just as SOON as we get the all clear, no matter what time of year it is! :-)


Join Us

Free Tryout Rehearsals Offered!

Sing City Rock Choir is Vancouver’s largest and most popular ROCK choir (80 – 100 members), founded in 2007 by conductor Laura Lang. Sing City is Vancouver’s first exclusively Rock, Pop and Motown choir, filling what was a very big gap in Vancouver’s choir scene. We remain number one to this day.

Sing City also has a smaller, more advanced women’s choir, Fat Chants (Jazz and Funk). This choir rehearses every three weeks only, so a lot of our Sing City members are in both.

Led by the vivacious, funny and warm Ms. Lang, her expertise as a full-time professional rock & pop and jazz performer combined with her incredible singing and teaching abilities, makes for a wonderfully fun and interesting choir experience.

If you can’t relate to classical choir music and are more comfortable with the modern contemporary songs you’ve heard and loved throughout your lifetime, then Sing City is definitely the choir for you.

And you can join Sing City whether or not you’ve sung before, we only ask that you can carry a tune and have fun!

Sing City & Fat Chants also provide fantastic opportunities for more experienced singers to showcase their talents with special solo and small group features, and regular student CABARET NIGHTS.

I just LOVE your energy, and you all look like you’re having the time of your lives!” say audiences.

So hey - come and join in the fun!!